RTB 5040 900x500Limoges

The Limousin region with its capital Limoges is rightly called "the land of pilgrimage to the sources of luxury and perfection".

Discover the wealth, luxury and heritage of this place! Stroll through local parks and gardens, wander in the streets of its towns and villages, where here and there you can see art exhibitions and vernissages, where you can meet real artists, who transmit their art from generation to generation and whose unique creations are known around the world!

9:30 – Meeting at the hotel and departure for LimogesRTB 7806 900x500

11:00 – Walking tour of the city of Limoges

From ancient ruins to Art Deco architecture, to the "arts of fire", 2,000 years of history have shaped in Limoges a rich heritage of unique objects, architecture and crafts. Limoges also surprises with the diversity of its heritage and the impressive size of its monuments ...

12:30 - lunch in a typical downtown restaurant

This restaurant is certainly the most famous not only among the locals, but also among the visitors of the city, because here you are invited to enjoy local meat specialties according to RTB 5020 900x500the old recipes!

14:30 - Limoges, luxury and perfection

Limoges is known for what is called "The Arts of Fire", such as porcelain, enamel, stained glass, which characterize this city. In Limoges, porcelain also adorns the facades of richly decorated houses and fountains.

You can enjoy all the splendour of porcelain and enamel, when visiting the shop of one of the most prestigious porcelain houses producing services for luxury brands. You will certainly be fascinated by these real masterpieces!RTB 7966 900x500

17:30 - Medieval castle

Exclusive visit of the private castle.

This castle belongs to a noble French family for many centuries and you will learn many legends and stories associated with it.

The owner of the castle in person will open the doors for a very private visit, will be happy to answer your questions and offer you to spend some time enjoying a small aperitif in his private salon.

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