Bordeaux walking tour

Self-guided tour to Bordeaux
10 March 2023
Self-guided tour to Bordeaux
10 March 2023

Bordeaux walking tour: Little secrets and big stories

This walking tour of the city of Bordeaux will reveal its great secrets and allow you to discover its beauty, history, architecture and culture. More than a city, the cradle of the most famous vineyard in the world, Bordeaux is no longer the "sleeping beauty" of yesteryear. It is a magnificent, authentic and magical French city. Fall in love with Bordeaux with Taste & Travel!

***Our walking tour can be modified as you wish. Contact us and we will advise you and compose the best possible visit, tailor-made***

Bordeaux walking tour with a guide :

Bordeaux. A city so elegant that one could quickly imagine it without any mystery. But if you are curious and not too much in a hurry, if you like to stop, contemplate and get lost a little, you will discover a singular city, with surprising perspectives and details.

The remains of disappeared convents, dark discoveries, mysterious masonry bas-reliefs on the buildings and singular graffiti, a miraculous house, an ancestral wisteria, a rococo café, a church converted into a rope factory, a garage, then a cinema… Eccentrics residences, extraordinary gardens, curious sculptures, unusual fountains… Bordeaux hides many treasures!

Bordeaux City Walking Tour

Often visitors expect to see purely a wine town, but when they arrive and discover a beautiful bourgeois town with a center with a medieval past, harmonious 18th century buildings and wide streets, called "courts", they are amazed by this former "sleeping beauty" as Bordeaux was called before its tourist awakening.

Bordeaux has always been the capital of Aquitaine. And any self-respecting Bordelais knows the history of this famous medieval duchy and its legendary Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France, then Queen of England. A magnificent woman, an admirable queen with a strong character.

Bordeaux: the city and the wine

Bordeaux is of course also a wine! Everything here is steeped in wine, starting with the Garonne, a majestic river that has contributed so much to the wealth of the city in the past! The port was in the very center and the merchants of the Chartrons loaded the sailboats with wine barrels directly from the quays.

Finally, Bordeaux – it is the largest wine region in France. All appellations combined. Do you know which Bordeaux is your favorite? Right bank, left bank, claret, white or sweet Bordeaux? What is a château? Appellation? Millésime? Grand Cru Classé?

What is sure is that there is a wine for everyone’s palate. If you are planning to go to Bordeaux to learn and to discover what will be your ideal Bordeaux, trust your guide.

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10 March 2023

Bordeaux walking tour

This walking tour of the city of Bordeaux will reveal its great secrets and allow you to discover its beauty, history, architecture and culture. More than […]
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